The World Quizzing Championships 2018

Saturday 2 June

Join us and 3,000 quizzers on Saturday 2 June for the 16th annual World Quizzing Championships! Venues in locations all over the world will start to be posted in early April 2018. If you want to get some international quizzing practice before then, head over to for details of monthly Hot 100 quiz.

Kevin Ashman – World Quizzing Champion 2017

Kevin has taken the World Quizzing Champion title six times now (2004, 2005, 2006, 2009, 2016 and 2017), the European Quizzing Champion crown six times, and is a five-time British Quizzing Champion. In 1995 he won Mastermind, scoring 41 points with no passes in his heat, which remains a record to this day. He has been member of the BBC’s ‘Eggheads’ team since 2003.

Who will challenge him for the 'World Quizzing Championships' crown this year?

No qualification is required to take part in any of our events.