World Quizzing Championships

Next year’s World Quizzing Championships will take place on 6 June at venues all over the world.

We now have 1,906 scores in and so we believe it’s safe to confirm the winner of this year’s World Quizzing Championships.¬†Huge congratulations to the new World Quizzing Champion, star of the Indian quiz scene, Vikram Joshi!

Vikram scored a staggering 176 points (out of a possible 210) including a full house in the History category. In second place was the USA’s Steve Perry with a fantastic score of 174 and in third place was previous World Quizzing Champion, England’s Kevin Ashman with 170.

Thank you to everyone for taking part. We very much hope you enjoyed it and we look forward to next year’s WQC, which will take place on Saturday 6 June.

Without further ado, we thought you’d all like to meet the new champion…

VikramJoshiMeet The World Quizzing Champion

Vikram has been quizzing since he was at school 30-odd years ago. He took part in one of the early Bournvita Quiz Championships when it was still hosted by Ameen Sayani on the radio. During his engineering college days in Bombay, he quizzed in the Bombay college quizzing circles.

He then moved to the USA for grad school at the University of Virginia and then stayed on to work as an engineer in Boston for a few more years where his quizzing then was limited to watching Jeopardy and shouting answers at the television.

His interest in quizzing was revived when he moved back to Bombay and discovered the Bombay Quiz Club and their weekly quizzing sessions and a great group of people to bounce questions off, to host quizzes for and to partner with. Since then, he has been Landmark National Quiz champion (along with his teammates), won Mahaquizzer of India one year and won Mindsweep internationally. He also hosts several quizzes as part of the Mumbai Quiz Festival every year.

At the WQC, he started slowly with a rank in the mid 100′s, but moved up to number 9 last year and number 1 this year.

His interests are history (his first true love), politics and religion and he absolutely loves Japanese and Italian food.

The full scores received to date are here.