World Quizzing Championships

This year, the World Quizzing Championships will take place on Saturday 4 June 2016. The event is open to anyone who’d like to give it a go, just look for your nearest venue and get in touch with the local organiser.

The World Quizzing Championships itself is a written test that is sat simultaneously around the world. It consists of 240 questions across a wide variety of subjects and is available in a number of languages.

Setting the Questions

Setting the questions for the World Quizzing Championships is an enormous and very complicated task. Writing questions that are equally accessible to people anywhere in the world takes a lot of skill and the International Quizzing Association’s (IQA) team has many years experience in doing it.

Chris Jones (IQA GB), Arko Olesk (IQA Estonia), Anurakshat Gupta (IQA India), Leslie Gelman (IQA USA) and Paul Paquet (IQA Canada), under the leadership of Steven De Ceuster (IQA Belgium) set the questions. This year they will write around 1,500 questions of which only 240 will be selected.

The IQA has a complicated matrix of questions that are required to ensure that all of the subjects are covered and that each region is fairly represented. Unlike a physical sport where you can level a track to make it fair, setting these questions is not an exact science. It takes great skill, care and experience to get it right.

Once the questions have been written, they go out to a wider panel of judges from all over the world for scoring and verifying. Then, the top scoring questions in each section make it through to the final selection.

Once this has happened, they come back into the IQA Directors, who produce the final sets and send them for translation. This year, they will be translated into 12 languages.

The whole process takes approximately nine months and is a real labour of love.